Most People Never Achieve Their Dreams

How Can You Achieve Your Dreams? Day in and day out, I hear dozens of “great business ideas”, things that “will revolutionize the world”, and the “next million-dollar idea”.   And sadly, I would say that less than one percent of these ideas and dreams ever come to fruition.  There are lots of reasons why these [...]

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Leadership Is Everything

A positive organizational culture is crucial to an organization’s success. Organizational culture is shaped by many factors, leadership chief among them. The values, vision and goals of your organization come from the top down. Management’s actions can encourage a quality culture that keeps employees happy, attracts new talent and builds an excellent job environment. Likewise, leaders may [...]

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Like A Child

This weekend my family and I were blessed to take part in a wedding where my entire family was involved in one way or another in the ceremony.  It was at this point where I realized how much life and business have in common.  Not everything in your life will go your way.  There will [...]

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