The things that haunts us the most in life as people is the things that we knew we should have done but for whatever reason, failed to do so.  In my experience working with and coming in contact in thousands of people over the years, this has come in many forms.  From not taking the chance with the person they loved or wanted and didn’t, all the way down to them wanting to start a business but instead working in a career that they hate, and all points in between.

Taking the Risk

Taking a risk is always the hardest thing to do in life because it brings out fear.  The fear makes us second guess our actions and then doubt creeps in.  Between the doubt and fear, you begin to think that everything is harder or more difficult to achieve than it really is.  You must overcome that fear and doubt if you want to achieve that dream and make whatever it is that you desire possible.

So how do you offset that risk and doubt?  That is the million dollar question. You must come to the conclusion that what you desire and need is much stronger than the fear that you have.  To achieve this, is different for each and every person.  The best advice we can give you is to take some serious time and make a list of the pros and cons for either making or not making that decision. What will happen if we choose yes?  Who will be affected, how will my life change as well as that of the others. What will happen if I choose no, and the effect that it will have on my life?  These are serious questions that need to answered and thought about in great detail.    In life, we give up so many things for “work” or “to make money” or because “others may judge us”.  At the end of the day, we cannot take out wealth with us to the grave and regret is always going to feel worse that the scorn that we think (often times unfounded) we will feel.  I have had the displeasure of being at the bedside of 4 people as their life ended in the hospital.   In each and every case, they spoke about their regrets and not the things they did wrong.  They talked about the wrongs that they wish they made right but didn’t.  Those that they should have forgiven, and chose not to, and the people that they wished they had done more to be involved in their life.  Right now, you have the chance in your life to right those wrongs as well as making those choices that you will not regret later in life.  Take those chances and make your life count!