The most important thing businesses or organizations can have is solid leadership. I work with these groups regularly to ensure that their leaders are motivated, educated and well suited for action!  No matter what your organization is struggling with, I can make the team engaged, excited and committed to success again!  Contact me today at 651-470-7057 or info@devotedenterprises.com.


I regularly am asked to speak in front of large and small groups and help get them motivated to be more successful and productive in their daily lives and at work or help drive home a new initiative at corporate conventions.  I mix in some humor, fun and or course some serious business to keep the event lively!  Regardless of your need and the type of speaking that you need done for your conference and convention, I am confident that I can make your experience exactly what you desire!  Contact me today at 651-470-7057 or info@devotedenterprises.com




The biggest cost in business is almost always labor and productivity, or lack thereof….  I work with businesses, teams and organizations and help them gel together as one unit working together smoothly. I facilitate team building events, training and exercises that helps groups of people succeed!  There are so many easy things that you can do to help get your team on the same page and being more productive and we will help you find those things and bring the change you need to your organization!  Contact me today at 651-470-7057 or info@devotedenterprises.com.


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Whether you are a corporation, an organization, or a group of networking professionals, motivational speaking is always a large need today. Because of that and the connections that I have in the business world, I am regularly asked to speak at events and group settings that require motivational messages to be delivered to get a group of people excited to move forward in a different direction with new levels of devotion and a different mindset.  Contact me today at 651-470-7057 or info@devotedenterprises.com.



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Because I work with many non-profits professionally on a consulting basis, I am often asked to speak to them on a variety of topics such as fundraising, leadership, people development, education and business. This has also led to being asked to speak to many schools and or universities and educating the youth of America  on business, work ethic, leadership and more.  Whatever your needs are in education and non-profit speaking, I can make your experience exactly what you desire!  Contact me today at 651-470-7057 or info@devotedenterprises.com.


Because of my leadership role, success in business, and my faith in Jesus Christ, I am often called upon to speak to those with similar beliefs.  I have spoken to Christian Business Groups, Church leadership teams, Christian small groups, unemployed prayer groups, large christian men’s groups and so many more.  If you want to interject or increase faith in your message to a group of people, you can trust that I can not only make it relevant, but also fun and motivating!  Call me today for more information at 651-470-7057.