Troy S., Owner, Sol-Is

“I own an IT and managed services company and before I met Vernon, I had zero work life balance. He not only helped me set expectations with my staff, but he gave me the tools and ideas needed to take my business from a “hobby” (because it wasn’t profitable as it should have been) to a thriving successful business where I can now go on vacation and away for the weekend without worrying about my business! He is worth every penny because he got me motivated again!”

Larry Davis, Owner- Fox Tacks Marketing


“Vernon is a leading authority on business health and profitability. When he speaks in front of business owners and entrepreneurs, he has an unique ability to educate and motivate his audience to look below the surface and see what obstacles and challenges exist between where they may be at now and a higher level of success in their businesses. I would highly recommend Vernon for speaking engagements/presentations for seminars, corporate training sessions, dealer/franchisee or mastermind meetings. Vernon delivers…”

Joe A, Owner, Accar Jewelry

“Vernon and the Devoted Team are an absolute machine!  I have never seen someone work as hard for my business as they do.  I have not had the best luck in the past with “coaches” or “consultants” because the value wasn’t there.  They are worth every penny!  If you want to learn work life balance, increase your sales, train you staff, or more, you need to hire them and get them to teach you what processes and systems you need in your business to make you more successful and profitable.”

Len S., Software CEO


As the global leader supplying one of the industries Vernon works in, I can easily say that Vernon is a great speaker, leader, and developer of people.  I have seen him speak at large national conventions as well as his own conferences here in FL.  If you have a chance to hear him speak, don’t miss it!

Tracy C., Financial Services District Manager

I used to hate coming to work every day and was on the verge of leaving the organization until they brought Vernon in to work with us. The changes that he made in our organization were amazing and he reversed five years of negativity and no teamwork seemingly overnight! He is the best motivator I have ever worked with and to this day we use his sayings and teachings and have coined them “Vern-isms.

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