Who I Am

Nearly 4 months ago I had a man ask me “if I asked you who you are, what would you say”. I thought it was the weirdest question in the world and I didn’t understand what he was asking.  He asked me again “who are you”. I told him that I was a father and [...]

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Sons of The Father

“Fathers are the central figure in the identity formation of a child” Dr. Meg Meeker  As we grow up I’m sure we all have memories of our fathers.  I still remember how he looked in a police uniform, how his after-shave smelled and how after mom died he re-found himself and made amends with me [...]

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Gift or Curse?

I believe that God has given every single person in the world special gifts and talents. But are those talents a gift or a curse? I used to think my gift was a curse until I saw things more clearly later in life.  Do you use your gift?  Do you think it is a curse? [...]

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Most People Never Achieve Their Dreams

How Can You Achieve Your Dreams? Day in and day out, I hear dozens of “great business ideas”, things that “will revolutionize the world”, and the “next million-dollar idea”.   And sadly, I would say that less than one percent of these ideas and dreams ever come to fruition.  There are lots of reasons why these [...]

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Quitters Never Win

… and Winners Never Quit! I actually heard the words “I guess I have already given up and am mourning the fact that we are going to lose everything nice in our life and have accepted that fact, you know,” this week.  It stopped me in my tracks because as they said this, I had [...]

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Leadership is Everything

A positive organizational culture is crucial to an organization’s success. Organizational culture is shaped by many factors, leadership chief among them. The values, vision and goals of your organization come from the top down. Management’s actions can encourage a quality culture that keeps employees happy, attracts new talent and builds an excellent job environment. Likewise, leaders may [...]

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